RHCE Red Hat Certified Engineer

The RHCE indicates sound knowledge of Red hat Linux Operating Systems. With a RHCE, a System professional can install, configure, and troubleshoot Red hat Linux operating system for a small organization to a enterprise organization. The content emphasizes topics such as installation, configuration, networking services, etc.

Course Module

    Module - I

  • Introduction to Red Hat Linux
  • Features of Red Hat Linux
  • Installation of Linux
  • Basic command line configuration
  • Understanding linux boot files
  • Managing Files and folders under Linux
  • Using GRUB and LILO Boot loader
  • Reconfiguration of Kernal
  • Understanding Linux Shell Interfaces Csh, Ksh, Bourne, etc
  • Working with shell scripts
  • Using linux Vi editor
  • Using KDE and GNOME desktop environment
  • Working with X Windows environment
    Module - II

  • Managing Linux filesystems
  • Understanding linux RPM packages
  • Working with printers under Linux
  • Understanding linux system administration activities
  • Creating users, group, login scripts, etc.
  • Monitoring system performance
  • Creating backup and restoring statergy
  • Configuration of TCP/IP
  • Setting up LAN and WAN networks
  • Configuration of network services like DHCP, FTP, HTTP, SAMBA, etc.
  • Configuration of Sendmail
  • Working with Linux as firewall
  • Troubleshooting